Over the last years, Europe has increased its vaccination efforts, laying a solid foundation for the establishment of robust immunisation systems. Despite these endeavours, challenges remain on securing vaccination coverage rates, as demonstrated by the COVID-19 pandemic and emergence of other disease outbreaks throughout Europe.

These challenges reiterate the need to reinforce European action on  immunisation policies and programmes. The Mission Board on Vaccination in Europe was launched to contribute to this mission by developing concrete targets and recommendations for strengthening Europe’s immunisation systems.

Our approach

Creating meaningful change

The Mission Board on Vaccination in Europe is a multi-disciplinary collaboration that brings together vaccinologists, public health experts, health economists, health care professionals, academics, civil society organisations, patient representatives, and industry.

Adopting an innovative ‘mission approach’, the collaboration aims to identify ambitious yet attainable targets for strengthening immunisation policies and programmes in Europe, including recommendations for action at the European and national levels.

The Mission Temple

The work of the mission board on vaccination in Europe is informed by a co-created ‘mission temple’, reflecting the complex environment of decision-making on vaccination. The four pillars of the temple reflect key challenges and opportunities for strengthening Europe’s immunisation systems.


The pinnacle of the temple captures the overarching principle of ‘equity’, which at the most basic level means fairness – from a health as well as economic and social perspective.Equity is also at the heart of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda, including the objective of universal health coverage (UHC).

  • Data and evidence for decision-making

    Critical gaps in data and evidence need to be addressed to optimise decision-making on vaccination policies and programmes. 

  • Beliefs, perceptions, vaccine confidence

    Tailored responses and policy actions on continuous monitoring and strengthening community engagement as well as training of healthcare professionals are needed to strengthen EU vaccine confidence.

  • Citizens’ access to vaccines

    Access to vaccines is examined through three dimensions: vaccine availability, vaccination services accessibility, and vaccination equity. 

  • Convergence and alignment

    While organisation and delivery of health services rest at national level, greater European level alignment on a core calendar for adult vaccination and closing gaps in vaccination decision making could benefit public health and increase vaccine confidence.

Research and Understanding

Research and understanding underpins all Mission Board on Vaccination in Europe activities.

Source of Support

The Mission Board on Vaccination in Europe are supported by an Operational Secretariat that ensures efficient delivery of MBVE activities. The Operational Secretariat is provided by FIPRA International, an independent public affairs agency based in Brussels.

The work of the Mission Board on Vaccination in Europe is enabled by funding from Vaccines Europe. The funding is limited to Secretariat costs, the hosting of meetings and events, and expenses and travel costs incurred by Members for attendance at MBVE meetings and events.

Members Area
Members Area